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The Municipality of Lobo is 148 km from Metro Manila and 36 km from Batangas City, the provincial capital, and is considered one of the central business districts in the province.  Geographically located at 13°39’0.00" N and 121°15’0.00" E and is found in the southern part of Batangas. It shares common boundaries with Taysan in the north, Verde Island Passage in the south, San Juan in the east, and Batangas City in the west.

According to the municipality's most current certified cadastral map, Lobo has a total land area of 16,902.4686 hectares. Lobo is the fourth biggest municipality in the province in terms of land area. It comprises 5.42 percent of the total land area of the province. There are twenty-six (26) barangays in the municipality. With a total size of 1,614.6448 hectares, Barangay Biga is the biggest, while Poblacion has the smallest at 86.069 hectares.


The municipality’s total population in the last censal year in 2020 was figured at 40,736. This is an increase of 3,666 inhabitants from the 2010 population of 37,070. This increase translates to an annual average growth rate of 0.99% from 2010 or an annual increase of almost 403 inhabitants. This rate is higher than the average growth rate of 0.93% (346 increase in inhabitants annually) between the censal year 2000 and 2010.


The growth rates of barangays records with mostly positive annual average growth rate except for Barangay(s): Poblacion (Urban), Calo (Rural), Calumpit (Rural), Malapad na Parang (Rural), Nagtoctoc (Rural), and Pinaghawanan (Rural).


In 2020, among the 26 barangays, Balibago (Rural) recorded the highest population with 3,491 inhabitants with a participation rate of 8.57% while Malalim na Sanog (Rural) was the least with 248 inhabitants with a participation rate of 0.61%.

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